VR Gun Controller for HTC VIVE Accessories Virtual Reality VR headset Device for FPS Shooting Games ,Game Gun Joysticker Gamepad and Motor Vibration

Product Features

  • First gun-shaped HTC Vive Virtual Reality device Controller with recoil, 4-axis asynchronous anti-vibration design,providing the most immersive VR shooting experience.
  • The Gun VIVE controller is the gun-shaped VIVE Tracker integration built for VR shooters. The combination of the gun and VIVE Tracker can complete the same operation as a standard VIVE controller.
  • The VR game guns is a gun shaped controller, it is the similar size and weight as the real gun, you can master it quickly.This gun can simulate recoil feedback when you pressing the trigger, this can improve the gaming experience a lot.
  • The batteries for the gun can also supply the power for VIVE tracker, it can extend the working hours for the whole sets. You can get the most immersive VR shooting
  • The tracker and GUN connected by a short data cable, in this way they become a gun shaped Vive controller and have the same operation with original Vive controller. After this combination, you can use it to play shooting games under Vive, this way is simple, convenient and fast.
Price: $670.00
(as of 02/23/2018 01:33 UTC - Details)

Product Description

For FPS games, the core of the game is shooting. If you are a fan of FPS games, believe me, you will definitely need a VR gun, rather than spend money to buy a treadmill or some other similar products, So this VR GUN is your best choice.Playing FPS games with PP GUN Vive controller, you will feel you are the person in the game, every thing in the game is waiting for you to aim.

Video Demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dr3F-bPGDHk

Compatible Game Name:
Arizona Sunshine;Raw Data;The Last Sniper VR;Fast Action Hero;ZombiesTown VR;DWVR;Hot Dogs; Horseshoes & Hand Grenades;Dead Effect 2 VR;Containment Initiative;Trigger Happy Shooting;Gotham Gangsta;Cargo Cult: Shoot’n’Loot VR ;The Path of Greatest Resistance;Robot Incursion;Bullets And More VR;Fovos VR;Zombie Kill;Unruly Ghouls;Armed Against the Undead;Operation Warcade VR;DEADLOCK;The Raiders and Danger Room; and so on…….

Mode:   PG-BQ4
Main Use:   Input Device – Game controller- FPS Game Controller
Support System:   Windows
Support Device:   PC+HTC Vive
Connect By:  VIVE Lighting house
Replacement:  Can be used as one standard Vive Controller
Other Features :  Have all functions of standard VIVE controller
Using time:   >8h (testing environment: Continue work with continue shock, 25° C/77°F)
Length of the gun:   680 mm / 27 in
Weight of the gun:  1.3 Kg /4 lb
Size:  26.8 x 3.9x 12.6 inches

Package Contents:
1 x VR Gun
1 x HTC VIVE Tracker
1 x Tracker Localizer Bracket
1 x Angle adjustment bracket
1 x Battery Pack
1 x 3-Point Sling
3 x Data cable (1*USB Charger Cable,1* USB cable Extension Line, 1*VIVE Track and Gun connected to the USB cable)
1 x Military Id Card

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